Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Friday!

Hello Everyone!

Since having this blog, I am always trying to think of new projects. I have a few things in the works already, but are probably weeks down the line. One in particular is my kitchen. I originally wanted an all white kitchen  maybe with a light blue color on the walls, white subway tiles, but in the spirit of compromise, the Hub liked the stone colored tile we have as the backsplash and countertop. My dream would have been carerra marble, but since we were not able to do new cabinets, it wasn't even close to an option to get marble. Though living here I'm actually happy in my kitchen, I don't NEED new cabinets or countertops or flooring. What I do NEED is a change lol. first I thought painting the cabinets black... then I changed my mind... But now I came across this kitchen by Lizzie Carney and I fell in love!

I Love the color of the walls, that are like a concrete color and the mix of the golden tones with the cabinets and chandeliers. One thing I know for sure is that my ceiling is to low to add the chandeliers. Second It looks like the wall color might be a sort of wash, so might need to practice my painting skills or just pick a solid simular color. Thirdly my Cabinets are white, but I can get the natural nuturals from the travertine on the floor and the conterops. But overall I will be picking elements from this picture to add to my kitchen, including the PINK flowers.

Heres a picture I have on file of my ktichen that I took with my iphone sometime last year. When I'm ready for this project I will show a full before and after

I'm going to cross my fingers to see what the Hub thinks, since I'm going to make him do most of the work. Hes just better at doing things and has the patience of a saint. 

Have a blessed weekend!!!



  1. Beautiful inspiration kitchen. Good luck with the project to you and your hubs! My husband is in charge of executing a lot of my visions, so it takes some time to get things done around here. :)

    Do you think you will take down the upper cabinets, like your inspiration? I think that has a big impact in that kitchen....

    great vignette, btw!

    1. Thats a good question! I'll talk to him about it... He'll find out about the project when he checks the blog lol... I tend to plan things without telling him lol. I know I'm bad!

  2. Orlando... I think your kitchen is darling!!! My Mister says that my blog has cost us mucho money because I'm always looking for something to write about. So true! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Katie! thanks! The home was built in 1931 and sometime in the 70's they remodeled the kitchen. I did my best! I have already given my Hub the scoop on the plan to move to texas to shop lol...

  3. I think your kitchen looks great!! My hubby isn't a DIYer, so any big project has to be done by the pros. :( Good luck if you do make changes.

  4. What a stunning kitchen you have... Yes.. thats normal... as you start blogging you simply want to do more... LOL..

    How nice.. that your hubby is going to be part of the project.. Mine just thinks Im mad.. and leave me on my own.. :)