Friday, February 8, 2013

Hydrangeas! Hydrandeas! Hydrangeas!

Starting the blog and visiting other blogs inspired me to talk about my love for Hydrangeas!!! If anyone hasnt noticed I have a love of flowers! One of my all time favorite is Hydrangeas. Last spring I went a little crazy and bought every Hydrangea plant I could. I imagined myself cutting them from my home during the summer

I started with the blue ones and added the pink.

I took a random trip to OSH and I found these with such a unique color they where retailing for $17.00 but I found them in the $11.99 section. The manager went ahead and honored the price for the confusion.

We live in the hills here in Los Angeles and the dirt is clay. So after removing dirt, adding new soil  and adding lime they were ready to plant.  I know that they grow very huge and  maybe planted to close together but Im crossing my fingers and the more the marrier. I also needed a walk way to cut them when they are ready so we losely added the bricks. Im sooooooo excited for this summer to see how they grow.

I plan to have this all summer!!

So precious.....

Always... thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hydrangeas are stunning! I love them everywhere and like you love cutting them for arrangements inside. I also love the way they look after they dry. Perfect for fall. I love your snaps. Happy weekend.

    The French Hutch

  2. Gorgeous- absolutely breathtaking and one of my favorite flowers. I am surrounded by a white sky, white ground and swirling snow- can't wait for summer and the return of flowers :)

  3. I love hydrangeas! Two years ago I bought two plants and last Summer I had lots of flowers to decorate around the house! Beautiful pics!