Monday, February 4, 2013

Renovating my Home

Almost two years ago I got to the oppertunity to renovate and rejuvinate our home before we moved in. The house was in complete disrepair, but from the moment I walked in I saw the potential. With the help of a few friends, contractors and our own hands. We were able to turn this dimond in the rough to a sparkling gem.

Here are couple of Before and After.....

I had the floors re-done added crown molding and baseboards in the
dining room

When I walked into this room I wanted a chandelier in the living 
room and as my good friend electrician was adding the wiring for the 
chandelier and recessed lighting he found that there had once been 
sconces on each side of the fireplace. He also spent much time 
chipping away at the tile along the fireplace.

When it came to the kitchen. I tried fitting in new cabinets,
but I just could not fit it in the budget but now looking back
I think I did well. 

Feather Nest Friday - French Country Cottage


  1. Wow,the living-room seems stunning! That chandelier is perfect!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of work, but it paid off. Yes the chandelier is always the jewelry for a home!

  2. Your home has so much character, I love it! Can't wait to browse and see how you are putting your rooms together!