Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Black

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven't been updating a whole lot lately! I'm sorry! Life gets so busy! Any-who I am often inspired and always looking for different types of inspirations. As everyone knows I really love Pink.... Another color I really enjoy is black. The Hub is not a fan of the black so I don't use it often. I had the Idea of painting my dining room black, He looked at me like I had lost all sense of reality. lol. As he often does. I have created Black Decor File, where I store all my black inspirations. These are photos that I have saved and I wish I had the credits to these photos, because I would really like to include them.

I really enjoy the contrast of the bed and the bedding.
This screams old Hollywood glamour. 

I live for stripes...especially black and white stripes. They always add a classic look.

I mean the gold and black accents are like butter. I just love it.

Bedroom Reveal Part II???? J.K. The Hub would kill me!. 

Thank you all for Visiting! I promise once things slow down here I will start "Designing." I want new living room drapes and cushions. As well with the Kitchen! The Hub is super busy and things over here crazy. 



  1. Hi Orlando! I LOVE the combo of white, black and gold. These are great inspiration photos! Hopefully you can add some black into your dining room, even if it isn't to paint the whole room black! You think you can convince him?

  2. The photos are gorgeous! The black and white is so elegant. Hope you are designing soon.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest