Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pasadena Flea Market!

This past sunday I woke up early to head down to the Pasadena Flea Market. If you have never been there I recommend a trip just to check out all the cool interesting items there. My mission was to find something that spoke to me. When I am shopping and I find an item that I like and place it in my cart, at the end I ask my self  "Am I married to it?" meaning is it something that I absolutely love. That is something that I use to keep me from the buying something I don't really need.

Any who these are some photos I took.

I thought the display of Items was very great so I just had to take these photos.

The Ladies of this stand where just so gracious as I snapped away. I just thought it was gorgeous.

These are just some random Items that I thought were really cool.

After this long morning I found what I came for! 

Tada! Here she is!

Right now she's sitting tight while I figure out what I'm going to do.

Always thanks!


  1. I love shopping, thanks for taking me along! They had a lot of great stuff there, love the urn you bought.

  2. Wow, amazing. Wish I lived closer to explore. Great find, as well. Thanks for sharing, liz

  3. I sure wish I lived close by to go to this. Great stuff.

  4. Wow! I could leave there a broke woman! That is an amazing flea market!

  5. Oh my gosh.. I feel as though.. I have walked thru those streets with you.. What a lovely place... We dont really have flea markets in Dubai.. :(

  6. Wow.....this is unlike the flea markets I've been to! GREAT pictures and amazing finds and stands.